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May 10, 2010


Generally I blog only when I am feeling the need to release some angst or frustration and generally only when I can sneak in the time, which as of late has been nearly impossible (even as I type I am doing so at 1 in the morning sitting in the control room at The Orange Lounge listening to Dave tinker on the guitar). However, this evening I am neither bothered or frustrated. I am more content then ever and I wanted to express my GLEE with y'all and give you a bit of an RRL update.

My happiness as of late stems mostly if not entirely from the band. For those of you who are unaware, the band has gained three new members, Jeff Carter on bass guitar, Michelle Puska on keys and Josh Parrett on second guitar. This transition, though unexpected, has been a huge blessing. It has only taken us an exceptionally short time to get comfortable and already we have written two brand new songs together that might be some of the best RRL material to date. Music is FUN AGAIN! We are currently recording a new EP at the prestigious Orange Lounge Studios, set for release by the end of summer. The EP will feature new songs and a few songs that might be familiar. I have a sneaking suspicion the new EP might blast our former out of the water!

I realize that change can be sometimes difficult to welcome. The Running Red Lights that you know and love is no longer, however, if you give us a chance, I think the new RRL will grow on you rather quickly and lovingly!

Before signing off I just want to highlight a few important shows;

Wednesday May 19th The Supermarket (Augusta, Kensington Market) 12 am. We would LOVE to see as many friendly faces as possible. This show will be the first full set since the inception of the new RRL. ALSO, there will be a special guest appearance by MC DavJ! NO COVER!

Wednesday June 16th The Horseshoe Tavern (Queen Street) 12 am. NO COVER. Details to follow.

Friday and Saturday July 30th and 31st Paddy Flaherty's (Sarnia). We are hoping this show will be an EP release. Updates to follow.

I truly CANNOT wait for y'all to meet the new band. It's a special group and I've never been happier! Hope to see you soon! Much love, Scarlett


Meaux-Lily said...

Can't wait to hear the new stuff!!!! Miss you!