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July 28, 2010


If the question of our whereabouts has crossed your mind lately then please allow me to first apologize for keeping you in the dark. Running Red Lights is still alive and well, living in the shadows and preparing for our rebirth!

Though it seems like we may have sunk into the folds of Oblivion's pockets we in fact have been busier and feel more radiant then ever.

Firstly, Running Red Lights is pleased to have been selected as one of 22 bands to compete in this years indiscover competition ( Our online video of 'Secret Lover' featuring MC DavJ was featured as the 'most watched video' of the competition! A massive hug and sloppy kiss to all of you who took a moment to vote. We will be competing in the performance round of the competition at Oaks Garden Theatre in Niagara Falls on August 6th.

Secondly, Running Red Lights has recently returned from a week of seclusion in cottage country with a strengthened bond, renewed enthusiasm and an anthem of a tune called 'Biography'. Stay tuned for a sneak peek and hilarious video footage!

Third and lastly, Running Red Lights will be putting the finishing touches on our LONG AWAITED, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED EP! The recording process has been a very long, tedious one, however, we are relieved to be in the final stages. We promise to make the wait a worthy one!

In closing, I miss this. I miss YOU! I anticipate the fall to be a season of reconnection and welcomed surprises! Our summer show dates are near a close but we are lining up a number of Toronto and GTA dates for the fall and winter. The new band is shaping up brilliantly and only happiness will follow! Love you all! Scarlett (RRL)