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April 8, 2009

What the blog do I know!!??

Ok. So imagine me sitting here, crosslegged on a gray, moth-eaten swivel chair, in my one window Toronto basement apartment, surrounded by mismatched hand me down furnishings, beige Berber carpet that has suffered as many spills as Dave on rollerblades, enough gear to buy a one way ticket to the moon and blankly staring at my computer screen with the kind of tortured eyes you might see on an expecting father trying to assemble a baby crib from IKEA. My computer skills are only marginally better then those of my cooking, which is why, until now, I've avoided such 'intricacies' as widgets, links, gadgets, doohickies, forums and yes, blogs. So today is a special day for me as a burgeoning computer connoisseur and cyber-social butterfly. Yes, I'm popping my 'blog' cherry. I had been trying to repress the irresitable urge to fight the growing age of cyber communications, being the 'old soul' and out of touch, stubborn fart that I am, however, I've since come to embrace the possibilities and simply couldn't pass up on the opportunity to yak senselessly about senselessness and ofcourse, shamelessly self-promote my fabulous band.

Band Updates. Fans should expect our very first newsletter within the next couple of weeks so I won't 'prematurely ejaculate' by sharing our sensational news just yet, however, as you can see, we are finally trying to get our web shit together; blogsite, website, Facebook, youtube, mailing lists etc etc etc . (Which, as I mentioned, is not my forte in the least). We are currently sketching logos (as though we all have marketing degrees), sifting through fonts and templates, as well as trying to telepathically hear the communal thoughts of all the 'cool, young' hipsters who might one day buy our music (if only we have the right t-shirts!). As you can imagine, the process is slow moving. Anyway, more to follow. This is Scarlett from Running Red Lights (shit, maybe I should have started with that), signing off until next time. Mucho Love.........