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October 14, 2009

An Empire Build to Last

The truth is I am simply no longer motivated to become 'first fiddle' band extraordinaire. It's not that I have been disheartened by the overwhelming obstacles or shaken by the gold miners who want to reduce music to transparent garbage for the sake of profit margins. It's not that my ambitions have changed or I have 'grown out' of some silly childhood fantasy. No. Music continues to be the vision. However, well away from 'Wimbley Stadium' and well away from '15 minutes', in an old rented band house in Toronto, Ontario, I've concluded that perhaps my empire is not made of gold, but rather, pencil stubs and paper napkins. Valcrow and XLR's. Rhymers and pop screens. 8pm blogs and 11am rehearsals in an unfinished, asbestos infested basement. Perhaps my empire is not what's to come but what is already here. An empire created from the purity and honesty of music. Music is, afterall, what I love, what gives me hope and satisfaction. Music is what excites me, challanges me and awakens me. Quite honestly, my attempts to reach the highest rung in order for my music to be validated has been a total buzz kill. Standing on a gigantic, stinky empire of corporate exploits shouting, 'I'm the king of the castle' is no longer a compelling dream. SO I am refocusing my energy back to music. My success will build as it is meant to; one rehearsal at a time, one show at a time, one fan at a time, maybe one blog at a time. Whatever the pace, I know that if I ever thrust that victory flag into the illuminated soil, my foundation will hold steady as a rock because it will be built on the strength of peserverance, hard work and MUSIC. An empire build to last! I think that was the dream all along.