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October 4, 2010


Though I neglected to inform the internet, the band did in fact have a show in Kingston this weekend. The gig was a stately affair for a group of bright, young, up and coming movers and shakers from Queens University. An outstanding audience, sensational performance and a smashing, jolly good weekend!


1. While Scott (honorary roadie/'tour manager') and Scarlett took a 'pause for the cause' at a Mcdonalds on route to Kingston, Kevin got himself kicked out of the parking lot by the Mcdonalds manager for leaning and texting against the van while wearing a gigantic Ronald Mcdonald head. When asked to leave Kevin replied jokingly 'but this is my HOUSE!!!' Cheeky! Cheeky!

2. Watching Adam (film crew) frustratingly yet ambitiously attempting to tie a bow tie by following a poorly designed instructional diagram he found on the internet. EPIC failure.

3. Adam sharing a hotel bed with an 'anonymous' member of the film crew and later admitting that he was completely naked under the covers. Adam had the quote of the night, however, it was VERY inappropriate and cannot be repeated here.

4. Dave wearing a Mexican style garment and parading the stage like a model (we assume it was yet another desperate attempt to woo Josh).

5. EACH ONE of Josh's beers mysteriously disappearing after just a few sips.

6. Jeff mimicking the record from 'Size Small' as well as the absolutely, appallingly hilarious dance moves of a former band mate from a previous band. (NOTE: In the future we hope to capture this performance on film for all to see).

7. Dave's inappropriate groping of Jeff

8. Kevin beat boxing and drumming while wearing the gigantic Ronald Mcdonald head.

9. Dave's disconcerting excitement over the prospect of sharing a bed with Jeff

10. Flatulence was an issue all around

11. The ongoing saga of Josh and Dave's bro-mance

12. Dave's disproportionate bowtie

13. Jeff's HAIR

14. Josh's HAIR

15. Anything and everything that Jeff has EVER said

16. Josh's epic floor performance

17. Michelle (honorary roadie and motivator) discovering she had been driving without headlights since the purchase of her vehicle three years ago

18. Sleeping 8 people in a hotel room that sleeps 4

19. The disgusting stench of beer, smoke and Fart coming from our hotel room the following morning

20. Discovering a mysterious can of whip cream on Jeff and Dave's bedside table the following morning

21. Adams disconcerting attempts to get Kenny (director) to snuggle

Glitz and Glamor, Glamor and Glitz! Stay tuned for EPIC footage and further updates from the road and the studio. Much love to you all and until next time, 'DON'T FORGET THE DEET!'. xo