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December 26, 2010


5 days till New Years Eve and Running Red Lights first national TV appearance. Gulp! I am one part adrenalized, one part overwhelmed, one part proud, one part weepy and two parts scared shitless. The band gets 20 minutes of time that could potentially change the course of our lives forever. The pressure is weighty. Conditions are less than excellent. Dead of winter. Temperatures possibly hypothermic. Fragile instruments exposed to the cold will contract and lose intonation. Vocal chords will crack and dehydrate. Nerves will dangerously aggravate all the above. HOWEVER, in the face of it all, we WIN. We've been working toward a moment such as this for 5 years, we're grateful and we're READY. BRING IT ON. Whatever the outcome, this New Years will be the biggest moment of my entire life thus far. 40, 000 people/two million TV viewers. Double GULP! If ever there was a moment to seize it most definitely will be this one. I am so fortunate. Thank you to all the supportive fans, friends and family who carried us in the moments we couldn't. I will be holding you all in my mind on December 31st. Much love always, Scarlett

*Running Red Lights will be performing LIVE with Kardinal Offishall, Great Big Sea and Barenaked Ladies on Global TV December 31st at 8pm.


Bathurst said...

Wow, never heard you before and guess what? You were by far the best sounding band and your voice the best there all night.
Thanks and keep up the good stuff,