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January 13, 2011


On these cold and miserable snow days I've reduced my travel to the few feet between my computer and the loo. The confines of this situation has produced 2 songs in 2 weeks, an herbal tea habit and a lot of pee pee. Also, quite unexpectedly, a change in direction. My weather vane has finally developed a mind of its own. I decided. My tongue has been trying to break free since I hog-tied it when I was 6. My spirit has been inside screaming at my backbone to grow a set. SO, armed with a brand new pair of big shiny balls, a dirty Rhodes, a Rickenbacker 12 string and an urge for telling truths, I'm headed UP. UP to the land where unpopular is popular and the words 'commercial', 'hook' and 'hit' are forbidden. I should probably clarify.

NO I'm not ripping off my drawers and flagellating into a SM58 (microphone) and offering it up as music. NO I'm not hopping on the Jandek crazy train headed straight to a counter job at O'burgers. I got a healthy injection of Pop Music growing up, so it stands to reason that it is in my DNA, branded to my genetic blueprint. I will always be a POP artist and I will always write as a POP artist. However, this time around I am going to do so without any trepidation that I might be rejected by the Billboards. In truth, though I salute ALL of my songs and songwriting efforts to this point, they are all, in some small way, tainted by popular influence. AH MAIS NON PLUS! I am going to be as carefree as a comma. Rule #1: Music should not be confined to boxes Rule #2: Music should never be listened to at low volumes Rule #3 Music should be fun. OFF with the arm bands, shiny pants and Bowie sunglasses. The choreographer can kindly F**K off and the guy named Captain Industries can SUCK IT!

Perhaps none of this will make sense to any of you. Yet. But it will soon enough and I hope that you'll enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed the process. Please stay tuned for 'How Your Silver Shines' and 'Don't Say That You Love Me'.

Meanwhile I have to pee again......