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February 24, 2011


I was never a popular kid. Never the smartest kid or the funniest kid. In high school I was never invited to sit with anybody on the beloved and coveted bleachers (reserved for those with Guess Jeans and Tommy cardigans). School was all one big popularity contest that I was never qualified to win. I was too shy. Too introverted. Too clumsy. Too introspective. Too poor. I hated school. I hated feeling like a nobody. I was happy to graduate and leave my invisible shadow behind. THEREFORE, little could I have EVER anticipated that my entire future would one day depend on winning at popularity.

Running Red Lights is one of 8 trillion bands vying for the attention of a mass audience. Like it or not I am ass deep in a popularity contest. Odds are once again NOT in my favor BUT this time around I am looking to WIN and I need your help shifting the odds. Running Red Lights is NOT supported by record company investments or private investments. Running Red Lights is broke. Everything that we have built over the past 5 years has been through personal finances, generously given gifts of free services and good fortune. Due to the unpredictable nature of the music business, we have only held menial jobs for short periods, long enough to make ends meet and support the project. However, we do not earn enough to make any significant dent that would raise us to a competitive level. We need help.

So why us? Why help RRL? What sets us apart from the other 8 trillion bands and why do we deserve the attention of a mass audience? Unfortunately that is not up to me to decide. I can't offer you the right answer to that question. I can only tell you that RRL is a band of individuals that hurt, cry, laugh, dream, love, live and breath MUSIC. We are a band whose dues will never be paid because we refuse to become complacent. We don't take anything for granted. We all have narratives, some painful, and we are eager to share them with those who need to be comforted, consoled and cheered. We are eager to connect. We are eager to be somebody.

SO what's the PROJECT? In today's climate networking sites such as YOUTUBE have become a crucial part of exposing a band to the masses. Therefore, Running Red Lights NEEDS to create undeniable content, in particular, a MUSIC VIDEO, as a way of further exposing and introducing ourselves to the World Wide Web.

What's the MUSIC? We wanted our first music video to be a song that was most reflective of the bands overall brand. We chose a song called 'Runaway'. This song has yet to be released to the public. It is currently in mix and is expected to be released by middle March. 'Runaway' is a 'Thelma and Louise' story of breaking out of the cliches of a small town. Fairly typical story, however, this particular version is a direct reflection of my own experience as a thirteen year old child on the run from a life of misuse. It is one of the most autobiographical RRL songs that have been written to date.

What's the VIDEO? We have been so very blessed to have an extraordinarily gifted film team who have been working around the clock to script a treatment. I cannot reveal the specifics of that treatment but I can promise you it will be 'explosive' and entertaining, professional and competitive.

What's the DEAL? Again, we have been so blessed to have such a talented film team who are passionate enough about RRL to offer their services for FREE. HOWEVER, we still need plenty of rentals, equipment, wardrobe etc. A budget of $1500 has been proposed. We are asking for any small donation from $1, $5, $10 to $100. ANYTHING you can spare. We have offered a number of incentives ranging from house concerts to free downloads. Please take a look at the full proposal on

In closing, I am not attached to popularity. I don't think a person should be judged on the the brand of their shoes or their number of Facebook friends. I myself am no social butterfly. However, I chose a career that relies on the support of a majority vote. In order for my band to survive we NEED to be known. Help us prove that little people can have big voices. In the very end it's not about being popular, it about connecting. Much love, Scarlett xo