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March 22, 2011


An alley ascended, turned and dead ended. A door opened. A door closed. I straightened up and smoothed my jacket and descended back down the alley to the beginning of another dead end. I was a foreigner struggling with a map in the center of an impersonal world. The world passed me by. It removed unwanted hair, changed status's, multiplied itself, arranged furniture and distracted its near extinguished consciousnesses with routine and episodes of 'Jersey Shore'. So I had thought. I was wrong.

After a little over a month of campaigning for donations (in support of the bands first official music video), Running Red Lights is so pleased to announce that we have SURPASSED our initial goal. Through generous donations from friends, family and RRL fans, the band has raised a grand total of $1595! I am BEYOND pleasantly bewildered. It has been my and the bands constant frustration to be limited in our opportunities due to financial restraints. My confidence in the generosity of others has been downgraded as I've become older and overall I was extremely doubtful the indiegogo campaign would work. BUT I WAS WRONG! (And so much for the jaded image I've been trying to uphold! lol! ). 'Thank you' is such an overused, lackluster phrase that it just doesn't seem fitting compared to the overwhelming gratitude I feel. However, for lack of a better expression, THANK YOU. Thank you to Alanna Memme for heading up the campaign and putting it all together. Thank you to Kenny Wong and Jason Lupish who have been working diligently on our behalf for several months now on various RRL projects (including writing, directing and producing our 'soon to be' music video). Thank you to ALL the donators; Matthew Rennie, Maria Wrightman, Patricia Bennett, Nick Dochstader, Jenn Kohler, Chad Cote, Shannon Callahan, Karen Dufty, Lois Carter, Lionel Bennett, Jeremy Hendrikx, Galit Blumenthal, Ann and Chris Drury, Kelli-Ann Drury, Deb and Dan Howley, Irene Puzak, Aris and several anonymous contributors.

The world (including myself) places a strong emphasis on human beings as a greedy and selfish lot. Perhaps this collective experience is really a kind of helplessness that is sublimated and lingers in our culture as a way to keep us from communicating and developing strong groups that could potentially change the world? Just a theory.

Point being, the world is rich in untapped selflessness, love, generosity and support. The campaign was a testament to the willingness of people to give, to lend a hand and encourage. I am so proud and so privileged. I hope that when it is time for me to stand up and support my fellow human I will do so with as much generosity and love as I was given. Thank you all so very very much. Love always.

PS. Stay tuned for video details and behind the scenes footage of the making of 'Runaway'. Also, those contributors with incentives will be contacted very soon and be appropriately compensated (with cherries on top!).


Melissa said...

Scarlett you are such an amazing writer! When do I get to read a novel written by you?