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March 29, 2011

WHAT'S GOING ON? (A message for the HATERS).

The well known adage 'words are like weapons,' in today's digital world seems less like an expression of empowerment and more like a literal translation giving license to every web surfer to belch hate to whomever the trendy victim of the moment may be. Sadly, there are no more bright WORDS of kindness, love or optimism that I, or anyone can articulate that will be more powerful than the lure of anonymous mockery. Even in writing these very words I feel a uselessness in their purpose and impact. I am powerless to stop the 62 million people in the world who would rather ridicule a 13 year old girl over a childish song than use their time and words to talk of positive change, of love, peace and understanding. 'How boring, how cliche'.

Social interactions over networks such as Facebook and Youtube have become more and more hostile and hateful. Squabbles erupt over any number of futile topics, primarily over the pop culture mediocrity that has plagued the internet. To be clear, I am not oppose to speaking out against prosaic dribble, I am opposed, however, to HATERS. There is a difference. A healthy debate over the injustice of 'artists' such as Kim Kardashian overshadowing sincere, struggling musicians has value and deserves conversation. It is indeed infuriating and we should expect and demand better. However, these debates quickly turn into a parade of hateful, spiteful, nasty, awful comments that have nothing to do with the actual issue.

I know that people would argue that today, more than any other time in history, the common people have an actual voice and that HATERS are simply those retaliating against blatant exploitations and mediocrity. Except today more than ever, mediocrity prevails. NOT because the big bad corporate wolf is controlling the seas, ensuring that only shit floats down the river but because WE the people continue baiting the hook and fishing for shit to hate on. All the big bad wolf has to do is take the actual dump and we do the rest. WE are fueling mediocrity and more so, rather than effectively challenging the issues and the roots that cause our frustration, we simply turn against one another. We misbehave like school children, stooping to name calling and savage degradation of each other. In this, we are united and while we believe we are using the power of our voices, we are simply active pawns in the elitist's game of universal mind control.

I want to have more faith in humanity, however, every time I log on to Facebook or Youtube or Twitter I am deeply disappointed by all the hate. The number of people who hope for the agonizing death of a 13 year old girl is nauseating. The number of people who cruelly demean admirers of Justin Bieber OR the number of people who cruelly demean those who are NOT admirers of Justin Bieber, is doltish. Some people accept mediocrity by challenging the 'opposition', asking 'how many youtube hits have you achieved? as if these numbers define greatness. The 'opposition' will defend their hatefulness by trying to disguise it as defiance against complacency.These kinds of feuds simply act as a distraction from positive, honest to goodness CHANGE and the very machine that we fight against would prefer it no other way.

I am sick. SICK with how poorly we treat each other. We are a judgmental, hateful people. Allow me a few examples from Facebook status's and Youtube comments I have read in my feed just in the past week;

'Well It seems like you have to look like a fag, dress like a tool, have 10 members in your band and SUCK BIG FAT BALLS to play at the JUNOS this year... nice... good job Canada. Im done with you'.

'Have a heart attack already Rebecca Black'

' Justin is a gay, ugly faggot'

I realize these examples target celebrity entertainers (and internet phenomenon's) and many people would argue celebrities should be willing to accept a certain amount of hateful criticism as part of the job description. This rationalization is bull shit. Choose your words carefully. Voicing your dislike over a song or artist is any ones right to freedom of speech but launching a full on assault, including defamation of personal character and death wishes is hateful, pure hateful. This kind of hate is poisonous to the very individual who speaks it, as well as our entire existence as a civilized people.

My fear is that the number of people that post and comment on internet material for the sole purpose of mocking it is quickly getting much grander than those who share good music, good art or important social commentaries. Hate has gone viral.

Is it all bad? Am I generalizing? Perhaps. Perhaps the artist within is persuading me to be dramatic. However, do I think the words and concern that I have carefully and thoughtfully composed and expressed here will matter to 62 million people who would rather watch a train wreak than be bothered with my ranting? Me? A nobody girl whose words are nothing but a distraction from enjoying the fun of hatefulness. I am out read, out numbered, out voiced and out powered by HATERS. If I want to have a voice in todays world I have to say something controversial, hateful, mean, narcissistic, shocking or crazy. So, in that case, my voice will stay a whisper.

Thank you to the those who have read to the end. I realize the end was a long time coming. In honor of kindness, love, peace and understanding, please take a moment, if you will, and find something nice to say about someone you prefer to hate. Acknowledge their good qualities. Post a video or a song that you love and has inspired you. Share a kind word with a stranger. Resist the urge to judge in haste. The air will suddenly taste sweeter, this I promise you.


Daniel Howley said...

May I quote lyrics from a grand Beatles tune,
" All You need is LOVE, Love is all you need.

Tim said...

the problem is the lack of moderators to filter out all the negative comments. People are inspired by whats around them. When all you see is hate it will put hate in your heart. The internet needs better policing. I don't think people are more cruel today than they have ever been but it is certainly too easy to spread it. There is a solution but maybe the effort and cost to filter the hate is too great for our greedy race. People like to see people suffer because it relieves some of the jealousy people have towards others. It might shock people to learn that when you have respect and wish joy on other people it will come back to you. "Hate is like a burning coal in your hand, you're waiting to throw it at someone but in the end it's you who gets burnt." - Buddha

Unknown said...

All you need is to tear down pop culture hero worship by all means necessary. To defeat an evil giant, you must use pointed barbs, not a passivity that plays the apologist for the hideous culture that FORCES itself upon us. Love? I love honest art. The art of attack is one of the most honest and tells the most about a person than any useless veil of artificial courtesy that only hides the problem. You'd like to censor people's minds; just as you find fault with them, they'll find the same fault with you. The truth burns; don't hide behind religion, get out of the sympathizer box you've made and congratulate the vicious for their honesty. Would you like to know where these "haters" (a pathetic substance-less prejudiced emotional motivation term) are as opposed to having them pop out of the woodwork to hate? You only get to be King of your world; God bless you if you want to NOT be a hater, but don't insist that we limit our criticism to match your narrow view of the world! To go to that extreme is an extreme as well and not an effective tool to dismantle this "awful" "hater" culture. Also, no one ever has the specifics on what "love" means; so how can we honestly say that "love" is all we need? It works great upstairs, but not in real life full of volcanoes, hurricanes, natural disasters, and the like. Let me know when you can pay rent with "love." Feh. Brainwashed herds love to force a certain group to do something such as end "hate." Again, hate is not specifically defined either. Proof texting your ideas with Buddha only indicates that you've had your mind controlled by that religious order. Which is OK, but RECOGNIZE it. Everyone communicates differently; face the facts: THERE IS NO PERFECT IDEA NOR COMMUNICATION INSIDE AN IMPERFECT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM.