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May 9, 2011

It's a WRAP

After a long 12 hours of hair fussing, make-up retouching, lint brushing, relighting and picture rolling, Running Red Lights in collaboration with Directors Kenny Wong and Jason Lupish, Camera Operator Erica Sherwood and Executive Producer Alanna Memme has called it a wrap on RRL's first official music video 'Runaway'.

Running Red Lights would like to once again extend a very sincere, warm thank you to our sponsors (in no particular order); Matthew Rennie, Maria Wrightman, Patricia Bennett, Nick Dochstader, Jenn Kohler, Chad Cote, Shannon Callahan, Karen Dufty, Lois Carter, Lionel Bennett, Jeremy Hendrikx, Galit Blumenthal, Ann and Chris Drury, Kelli-Ann Drury, Deb and Dan Howley, Irene Puzak, Aris and several anonymous contributors.

A very special thank you to the exceptionally talented, hair stylist extraordinaire, Miss Rose Huggett.

Also, thank you once again and always to the Malcolm family for allowing us to raid their treasured tickle trunk.

Thank you to Johnny Roccos in St. Catherines for providing us with locale and incredible cuisine.

Please keep posted for more behind the scenes footage and interviews, as well as a special message of thanks for all our generous sponsors. We anticipate a premiere and release by June. Stay tuned for details!