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June 5, 2011

Path of a Hurricane

Controlling the speed at which conceit travels to the brain has never been an issue for RRL. History lessons have kept us partial to humility. Therefore, it is with modest pride and extreme gratitude I announce Running Red Lights as the 2011 winners of Kensington Sounds Annual Songwriting competition. Many many thanks to Adam Debevc and the staff of Kensington Sound for the distinguished privilege of the title. We look forward to stimulating our creativity in your renowned studio! As well, a big thank you to Nicholas Longstaff of West Queen West for nourishing talent and cultivating possibilities for artists who may otherwise not get the opportunity to be heard. Thank you to the Drake Hotel and Soundman John X. THANK YOU to performers Nilima Chowdury, Angela Saini and the Residents, Primitive Revolution and Jojeta. WOW! Perhaps the most diverse assortment of musical styles I've experienced in one night and ALL QUALITY. RRL recognizes the very narrow margin of which we managed to slip through victoriously. Much respect and love to our fellow musicians!

In other news, Running Red Lights is happy to announce our recent partnership with manager Allan Wells of Comino Productions. As an experienced and well traveled musician, Allans well rounded, unique insight and understanding will be a much needed asset to the RRL team. Welcome aboard Allan, we look forward to the climb!

Events coming in the near future include July 1st, Canada Day celebrations at the Trinity in Sarnia with our most loved band and dear friends The Brilliance. $5.OO cover includes a copy of our recent Orange release and two KICK ASS rock shows. Hot DIGGITY DEAL!

Running Red Lights first official music video is in the final stages of edit and will be ready for release by July. A Sarnia and Toronto premiere is in the infancy stages of preparation. Stay tuned for details.

Running Red Lights has experienced an intense surge of creativity over the last few months and we are currently in the demoing stages of recording. We are hoping to head into the studio toward the month of August with the intent of recording a full album. Plans are subject to change dependent on circumstances, however, we will be posting a number of teasers over the next few months for those of you needing a new track to add to your RRL collection. Some high caliber songs coming down the pipe line!

Thanks for support, love and happiness. Peace and Harmony. <3 Scarlett